~ Our Mission ~

Moscow Nights is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation of Russian culture through theatrical and music presentations, festivals, and educational programs. Based in the greater metropolitan New Orleans area, Moscow Nights brings the riches of Russian culture, the spirit of internationalism, and the commitment to present highly professional, innovative performances and educational programming to diverse audiences.

In our 16th year, Moscow Nights is expanding its horizons to present original, contemporary theater that explores with a Russian sensibility life’s universal challenges.

Moscow Nights Presents
William E. Wade Jr.'s

~ Facade ~

Moscow Nights is excited to embrace a new type of creative venture while it continues to offer local audiences unique cultural experiences.  The project, Facade, is an original, experimental theater piece based on a book by William Wade, Jr.
Inspired by
Facade, the book, Moscow Nights Artistic Director Natasha O. Ramer adapted it for theater. The play will explore through a fresh, contemporary approach the challenges and spiritual odyssey individuals and families face when confronted with a loved-one’s life-threatening diagnosis and untimely death.

Performances are set for:

Saturday October 17, 2015 at 2 p.m. Sunday November 1, 2015 at 5 p.m.
 Jefferson Parish Public Library
(Eastbank Regional Center)
West Napoleon Avenue
Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church
Saint Charles Avenue
New Orleans



~ Our History ~

In 1880, Russia’s Grand Duke Alexei visited Louisiana. Perhaps the highlight of this trip was the moment this real blueblood bowed down to the Kings of the New Orleans Carnival.

At that moment, Russian culture touched a people with a strong presence and a vibrant personality all their own.

Well over 100 years later, Moscow Nights, Inc. continues that grand tradition started by the celebrated son of Tsar Alexander II, adding a bit of Russian excitement to an area well known for French, Spanish, Sicilian, and African traditions.

Moscow Nights is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan region that is dedicated to enlightening audiences on various aspects of Russian and Eastern European culture.  Through our activities, Moscow Nights provides both Russians and non-Russians alike with artistic performances and  intellectual programs that bring a bit of Russian culture to Louisiana audiences.